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Font PSL Smart Letter It was created and invented by Mr. Panlop Thongsuk, the owner of the copyright. which brings experience from painting font design writing billboards and the arrangement of the pages of the book come together to create a typeface that is exquisite, beautiful, delicate, standardized, cool, stylish, and diverse. Meet the needs of users of all levels, tastes and all professions.

In addition to the perfect beauty of the characters The creators also focus on creating quality fonts. and make it complete as a family They include plain, italic, bold, and bold italics, each with meticulous kerning. Make each letter not too far apart or too close to each other. and also emphasizes on creating vowels – tonal to be of a suitable size and positioned appropriately with the consonants And there are various special commands that make the composition of words beautiful and worth reading.

The intent of the creators is to want font users to use good, quality and correct fonts. Legal for your designs to be valuable, classy, ​​tasteful and attractive. PSL (PSL SmartLetter) is the initials of Font P. SL and is the pseudonym of Mr. Pallop Thongsuk, who is the creator and copyright owner.